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The D&M Moneytree is a multi-user tool for Secondlife®, which will be summarized in an alliance with other D&M Moneytree objects to a social network for different target groups. Today's era of online marketing is characterized by terms such as community, users communication and Web 2.0. The aim of this tool is to provide different communities on a local but also global level and at the same time to the needs of various user groups. A local community is formed around each individual tree, location or offer in and outside of Secondlife®. These communities share their members in a global network and increase automatically its own reach on an international level. Perhaps the Moneytree will help also a little with borders, prejudices, envy and jealousy between the many different people, views, religions, but also the economy and lead to a Community "for each other" on a global level. The attempt is worth it all and you can help us.
What are the advantages of the inhabitants of Secondlife® through the use of D&M Moneytree? For many residents are often request how to get money, if possible without lengthy commitments. How do I find exciting and interesting Places or themes of interest to me? How do I find other people for a friendship, share experiences or simply to meet like-minded people. And for still others, the question is where do I find interesting Offers, you can still shopping with a real feeling to go shopping or interesting locations.

For a business engaged residents in Secondlife®, the question arises, what ways of marketing do I have? How to improve my reach and visibility? How can i offer interesting items to a potential customer for which he is actually interested? And of course, how do I increase my sales or can be realize marketing for a difficult product launch.
All these questions can be answered by successful using of Web2.0 components. The solution is: Community. And the D&M Moneytree is the tool to do so.

For those for whom terms like "second life" and "moneytree" a stranger, we are giving a brief Introduction to roughly to explain what goes on this site.

What is SecondLife?

This question has almost a philosophical character alleged by scandals, exaggerated of the media hype, many false statements and delusions. For an abstract answer to this question: In advance to take SecondLife is what you make of it. Many attempts in comparison to other virtual worlds to consider for any clue to find where exactly SecondLife lets lane. This is for an outdoor person difficult to manage, because you would ask about 100 users and acquire probably 100 different answers.

The media crisis

secondlife Oktoberfest
Would you believe the press releases of recent years, it is likely to acquire the impression that SecondLife is a huge pool of sin in which Pedophiles, violent criminals, sex tourists, bank robbers and terrorists are playing to prepare the next crime for the reality. Why this negative press, can be easily explained.
SecondLife is primarily a Web 2.0 software with a three-dimensional user interface. Web2.0 is already such a stranger which is often misinterpreted. This is not a new version of the traditional Internet. Web2.0 is simply an structure of a application in which users (visitors) can take a part themselves. Call it also as a kind of "Do it yourself web".
Web2.0 is also the most well-known competition for traditional media such as newspapers and magazines, television and radio or cinema. According to various studies applies a growing number of users their information from the Internet. Who the classic publication of a newspaper any more, if the information directly received from the place of live events over a blogger. Perhaps he was even themselves live on this events and this also often for free read. Anyone can write a blog, the softwareu can be used by children of elementary school, the presets are free on many providers. Therefore, it is quite understandable that the traditional media which are seeing no way to open up for new innovations are threatened in its existence. The Tiger who is cornered, extend his claws. This is not about to be lost some few dollars, but the loss of power. The dissemination or withholding of knowledge, maintenance of the population, the formation of opinion by means of simple words, all that is power in today's information age. And those who once possessed this power, is not interested to lose this again under no circumstances. The privilege what was used by emperors and kings, is now free for everyone.
Scandal news you will also discourage them from making up your own ideas and to new possibilities, for example, a Web2.0 offers to use. Because you could also unpleasant to be competitive.
Most reports about SecondLife in recent years are a good mix of half truths. I personally was in SecondLife for several years, but i never have senn a pedophiliac. I've never been someone in Second Life made through the use of this software has lost an eye, a leg or his life, quite in contrast to the conflict herds on this earth that are still real existing. Preparations of attacks in a virtual world, should be much more difficult than catch a glass of water with a sieve. Because the software (particularly SecondLife) at the current state of the art on the Internet is still poorly suited for realtime simulations. Only one reason why many virtual sports in SecondLife, like football or ice hockey with only moderate success.
Nevertheless, in half-truths is always a quantum truth.

Over-estimation of the performance profile of Second Life

If you look at the beginning of the year 2007 metrics of new avatars have been created, then sees one thing in retrospect: SecondLife is not a cockaigne, not the country where milk and honey flow. You will find often people with a completely false notion of this "new" virtual world. They hoped for a quick piece of good fortune and wealth, of course with as little work.
secondlife convention
When they swallowed the bitter pill and had recognized that someone have to work harder than reality for even more money, they get into big disappointments.
To make it short, yes there are a few people who can lives from the revenue that can achieve purely in SecondLife. But this is a vanishingly small minority, which also often in reality from a related industry and their bids accordingly able to present professionally. Moreover, it is a long rocky road with lots of hard work, enthusiasm and a large portion of luck is required to be successful. Consider competitors in Web2.0 offerings are usually just a click away. There are no antitrust laws, nor duties or costs of a regional advantage. While you are can spend into weekend or the holidays in a real good business, SecondLife will never sleeps.
The times in which someone could earn money without any experience with 2 stacked wooden boxes are long gone. And the professional quality you would have to offer, in order to be successful, will only rarely paid and the markets already is splitted among the incumbents "SL Brands". With the intent you can earn money in SecondLife for your livelihood, you should be very cautious about.

Agencies and companies leave SecondLife

These and similar press releases often go through the blogs and forums of Web culture and stamps the system from the outset to be unsuitable for the marketing of companies.
These messages correspond to be the truth, but one has to consider why companies have appeared this platform as a marketing medium in the first.
The most common reason of of many decision makers was the media hype about SecondLife. They invested their money without any plan or concept in this medium. They are neither interested into SecondLife nor the possibilities that this platform holds for them. Mainly they are in SL and the press rewarded them with a report, article or television show. As long as the name of the brand was called, it was a full success.
Now the media hype around SecondLife is long gone and it is returned to normality again. So also the interest in the appearance of SecondLife by big companies is vanished. It will still be highly questionable, what PR departments minded. Who would create a Web page on the Internet, in the hope that any newspaper may accidentally times will report about it? If this is the main reason for creating a corporate website, the PR consultant should be replaced soon as possible. You should use a corporate presence in SecondLife as a kind of three-dimensional web site to products, services, as well as a possibility of a customer support for your company. So we detect the second error for failures in corporate performances in the SecondLife.
Many companies as well as professional agencies are not understood the principle of Web2.0. And in next step they are now completely overwhelmed by an additional parameter, the third dimension of a virtual worlds. Companies often performing their marketing campaigns with classical instruments of real world. For example advertising posters. Whats happend with advertising posters? Nothing. But simple flat advertising in a three-dimensional world? In short, the numerous marketing opportunities were often not even close exhausted and were therefore on users also only with small attention.
Another point is that the SecondLife technical maturity is not so far as to act as a full Web3D. The user rates of a presence in SecondLife could be considered exempt from the technical side and limited to relatively a two-site webpage on the Internet is very low. Many offers or discussions of SecondLife communties are outsourced into traditional web or were never integrated. In mass events you will reach quickly the technically limits of SecondLife. The accuracy of simulations in the academic field, often have too large tolerances, as SecondLife is useable in scientific research or the development.
And we must honestly acknowledge that the Provider LindenLab was often seemed to be overwhelmed with the demands of a professional integration of the economy in recent years. This was partly again triggered by the media hype. On the fast-growing platform could not be satisfied the demand of all customers, especially from economic sphere, fast enough.
moneytree secondlife picture3
However, SecondLife is not entirely uninteresting in the point of view from a technical and marketing company policy, which is emerged by various talks with several decision makers of different sectors. With the right individual counseling, a good concept and also a portion of courage for the undiscovered country, can also today established an successfully SecondLife presences for companies. Virtual worlds are uncharted territory for many companies and will certainly need the time until the 3rd Dimension will prevail on the Internet. But surely, the time will come, the demand is there, the target in place and the technical services are steadily improving. And it is easier to be there from the outset, rather than later laboriously collect this experiences.

But what now is SecondLife really?

Once you have the errors and existing problems of Second Life from the media distortion out and now has discovered almost know what Second Life can not afford, it is easier to explain what Second Life is. As already mentioned above, is the platform a Web2.0 project with LindenLab as operator from the technical side. Content is granted by nearby limitless freedoms for users insofar as the legal provisions and the budget may allow the rent. Some see in Second Life a social network similar to Facebook, LinkedIn or Facebook to generate new personal and business contacts on a global level. Others see in SecondLife a marketing opportunity to promote their own real product or service. Product placement is still an issue. Still others come from the eLearning field and use the lively possibilities to distribute a three-dimensional graphic environment for providing information on the Internet / SecondLife. Some people use SecondLife as a MMORPG (massivly multiplayer online rollplay game), with SecondLife as compared to other virtual worlds do not play a game as a whole, but provides a platform to create online games by your own.
The majority of users consists of individuals, which use SecondLife as a kind of hobby to move from real life for a few minutes for relaxation. And then there are those who are visually SecondLife on the shape of what it is today. You create the modules and applications for the other user groups, which are not so much experience in dealing with the creation of three-dimensional objects have. These modules (virtual objects) are nothing more than the equivalent of a flash animation or graphics on a two-dimensional page.
It can be said that SecondLife is a bit of everything, a symbiosis between different user groups, which act on the one hand individually and on the other hand interdependent. The peculiarity of the system is that you do not like in other virtual worlds as a user belongs to the inventory, but inventory itself and can pass on. LindenLab as operator of the platform SecondLife prepared just the development environment from a technical perspective. For the creative design of the platform are tasks of each individual user themselves.

I am new to SecondLife and what's next?

Many people who are in SecondLife asked this question. When the old hands look back to their first hours, they remember on the difficult control and partially odd swear of outdated graphics. If the basic movements of the virtual ego are under control, the question: "what should we do now?" will fastly follow. Where is the sense? And it is also early detected, that there is no game objective, because SecondLife is no game. The problem of freedom is that many can not act with their own freedom in the first few minutes. To do that in SecondLife some voluntary "organizations" was founded, what the newcomers help in the right track, until it meets its own. Once a new entrant into the next phase of discovery is over, he notes that many things are not for free. Much junk is offered for free of charge. But featured modules also cost her money. Even for fees uploading a simple graphic, so that the newcomers are restricted in action with the newly gained freedom. who is new and would like to try it first, will hardly be lured to leave a pile of money in a virtual environment.
secondlife party
So also the community helps the newcomers. For a long time, there are various systems that help the user to get the first Linden Dollars. Often it was an SecondLife "brand" which spend some of their revenue and keep the economic cycle in motion. Of course it is not in most cases a charitable gesture, even if it is the first impression. Roughly speaking, this is a way out of the Web2.0, which pursues the principle: "You must give in order to receive." Giving away a few Linden Dollars, to keep the attention to the offers, on the other hand this also serves to generate traffic. Traffic is still an important indicator of a good business, whether with or without SecondLife search.

D&M Moneytree and SecondLife

One of these mentioned systems is the D&M Moneytree. As you can only imagine easily that alone the term "money" leads to some real euphoria in order to get much of it from others and if it is possible with only little effort. In the past, been misused on several different systems and could be tricked. For example, some time ago campers systems were an important tool of interaction between providers and users. A camper user was paid for staying a while on the parcel of the camper owner. The camper earn some money for his time and camper owner traffic points for listing in SecondLife search. A good deal for both sites.
The system worked until the viewer software of SecondLife were published as OpenSource by LindenLab and resourceful programmers created Camperbots which were be able to get on camp spots automatically and much more faster as any human avatar. (To explain: a bot is an artificial avatar, which are controled by a computer with command lines) This disruped the redistribution of money to newcomer and LindenLab changed consciously or unconsciously the circulation of money in SecondLife.
Many newcomers complained to the providers about this injustice, Camperbots reserved all places on the campers. The camper owners are powerless aginst the floods of automated camper bots. Only with a large overhead, they could stoping them by group invitations.
This was wasting time of the developer, which often referred their SecondLife brands as a hobby. So the camperowners striked back, and replace the camper systems with their own camper bots to generate the traffic and caused no additional cost. Disguised sometimes the bots as mannequins or service personnel and integrated into the offers, but sometimes they are simply used massivly in bot boxes mass far above in the sky.
This type of traffic generation opposed any principles of Web2.0, there was rather a separation of communities. The providers lost their real traffic and losing anyone who could tell about their offers and the newcomers had it harder than before to earn the first Linden Dollars in SecondLife and lost faster their interest in the whole system of SecondLife. The supposed savings led to a deterioration of the whole system.
LindenLab attempted to prevention of this mistake and changed quickly the search engine algorithm. Traffic should be a significantly lower weight given to the search engine of SecondLife. It must be said that the old search engine sorted the entries by the level of traffic on the plots. Plots with plenty of traffic were higher listed than parcels with less traffic. By this handle LindenLab intervented once more deep into the economy of SecondLife. Almost overnight were complete marketing concepts of paying users nearly completly unimportant. Good walking shops were suddenly no longer or very badly listed in the search engine and entire livelihoods were destroyed in SecondLife.
The new Second Life search engine algorithm based on the popularity of a parcel. That is, the more links to a plot is, the higher will be listed in the search. An avatar can vote for a plot when he take Picture (pick) of the plot in his profile and thus takes up a direct connection between the plot and the avatar manufactures. The more avatars picked this profile in order to prevent the plot is important to the search engine algorithm.
secondlife rezday
From these whole parameters on the needs of the newcomer of SecondLife, the designer and shopowner which may with marketing interests and the new search, D&M developing an old topic again and re-implemented it. And created so the D&M Moneytree network. The idea behind it was to create a system that the needs of all stakeholders equally covers on old and proven values and rounded with modern techniques.
The D&M Moneytree is intended not only as a marketing tool for a plot function. It is designed to serves also to connect various groups and communities. A conception was to make Moneytree more difficult for bots (if not entirely prevent completely) to reach money. So we hope that it will be a real help for the Second Life Beginners. On the other hand, the D&M Moneytree is also a meeting place where like-minded people can meet and exchange experiences.
However, even the D&M Moneytree create a connection between content providers. On this website we offer a portal to create synergies in various industries to make a B-2-B network.
The D&M Moneytree Network serves also for the intra-and interaction of various user groups. Learn more about the characteristics, benefits and applications of the D&M Systems Moneytree. You find on this page an introduction on the use of the tree. The performance profile of the D&Money Trees, and the options can be found here. A listing of Moneytree to participate in this network are located on the tree list.